White Pack 2023


Five crisp clean whites and a beautiful Rose – just right for summer afternoons.

Chosen just for you and perfect with seafood, salads, picnics, and barbies.

Petit Blanc 2022

Petit Blanc is made from Heritage Estate’s estate-grown Traminer and is delightfully light and fresh with essences of apricot, honey, and a little maple.

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Vermentino 2021

Textured, savoury, gentle, chalky crunch. A unique Bouquet of subtle nuttiness with faint fruit edges, balanced with mineral earth tones.

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Chardonnay Verdelho NV

Just off-dry and abounding with the juicy notes of verdelho and the restrained elegance of chardonnay this wine is a winner. The nose is slightly floral with hints of honeydew, peaches, and apple. The palate is fruit forward and balanced with clean light acidity.

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Riesling 2022

right, lively, and with a solid line of balanced acidity, this wine represents a truly classic interpretation of Riesling.

Both the nose and the palate resound with clean citrus and gooseberry.

Pair Riesling with light foods such as crustaceans, fish, oysters, and poultry.

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Savagnin 2022

The wonderful scent of a spring breeze before the rain with hints of tropical fruits and flowers delight the nose. Clean, fresh and lightly acidic passionfruit, gooseberry and kiwifruit refresh the palate. This single vineyard, estate grown savagnin is an entrancing wine for warm afternoons and evenings.

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Pinot Gris 2022

A crisp texture with natural acidity complements the mouth-watering mandarin with a slight savoury sensation to start the long journey to a satisfying finish.

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Five crisp clean whites and a beautiful Rose – just right for afternoon entertaining.

Chosen just for you and perfect with summery seafood, salads, picnics, and barbies.

The pack includes:
Chardonnay Verdelho
Vermentino 2021
Pinky Promise Cabernet Rose 2022
Petit Blanc 2021
Somme Reisling 2022
Pinot Gris 2022

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