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Reserve Old Vine Shiraz 2021

**** $27.50 per bottle! - APRIL DOZ SPECIAL ONLY **** The nose is bright and clean with hints of spice and raspberry, while the palate bursts with bright berries and a hit of white pepper. The use of French oak (18 months in oak puncheons) built structure and mouthfeel and compliments the delicious shiraz fruit characters.

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Reserve Marsanne Fully Oaked 2023

A fully oaked Marsanne wine undergoes a unique aging process that imparts distinct characteristics to its taste profile. Marsanne, a white grape variety, is typically associated with fresh and vibrant qualities, but when aged in oak barrels, it undergoes a transformation.

The wine takes on a deeper, golden hue, reflecting the extended contact with oak during the aging process.

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Barrel Ferment Fiano 2021

Hand picked, 60% fermented in French oak and handled with exquisite care, this wine portrays the zesty characteristics expected of Fiano backed by a little oak creaminess. Tangerine and stone-fruit dominate the nose and palate.

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Fiano 2023

Flinty, textured, and a complex expression of spice, ginger and white peach aroma, which heralds lavish splashes of Australian finger lime, lemon grass, clove and mouth-watering quince flavours that skip across the natural acidity. No skin contact and extended cool ferment ensure a crispness to match the elevated montane ecosystem where the fruit was grown.

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Cabernet 2022

A blend of 66% cool-climate shiraz and 34% cabernet has produced a sensational lighter style red sizzling with red berries and spice.  Light oak contact has added depth and complexity.

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Somme Shiraz Viognier 2022

An elegant, lighter style Shiraz Viognier, made as a traditional co-ferment with 8.5 % Viognier, lightly oaked, cool fermented and extended skin contact.

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Branch Line Bliss

Minimum ten-year-old Tawny.  Rich and Luscious with Raisins, plum, spice, and all things nice that's what this tawny is made of.

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