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A deep desire to provide a planet for our 5 children leads Heritage Estate to explore sustainable practices.

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Climate StabaliSation

Use of minimal chemicals ensures a planet balance and hopefully achieves climate stabalisation. 

Renewable Energy

Heritage Estate uses solar energy to drive all the processes in the winery and cellar door.

Sustainable Farming

We employ multiple practices to ensure maximum benefit from available water… 

Wildlife Preservation

Heritage Estate uses laser light to scare bird life without harming it or creating noise pollution. We will also install deer fencing to our southern vineyard.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Heritage Estate’s sustainability practices start in the vineyard where the production of beautiful fruit is a direct result of farming techniques.  From there our manufacture includes use of light weight bottles, brown packaging for bags and boxes.  At the cellar door, we use sustainable heating and cooling using natural methods like large building overhangs and so we do not use air-conditioning.  In our sales we print on both sides of the paper, with production of labels also in-house to ensure exact numbers are printed.

Sustainable Farming and Environmental Measures

The following measures help ensure sustainable farming and environmental capacity.

  • Water tanks are attached to all buildings to capture rain water used within the facility.
  • Heritage plough through the rows to ensure soil is heaped on the vines and trenches capture the rain to deliver rains to the roots, instead of running off.
  • Tempranillo planted in 2019 using recycled posts and irrigation equipment.
  • Our cold rooms and fridges are on timers that turn off during the evening when solar is not being used.
  • Compost of vine clippings, woodchip, mushroom compost, bull and chicken manure and straw is added to the soil which retains moisture and adds nutrients as well as buries carbon in the soil.
  • Landmark soil analysis every year to ensure the missing elements are returned.

  • Water wastage further eliminated with Drip (drip, drip) irrigation in every vineyard.

  • Solar energy used for all power consumption.
  • Wildlife control through Laser (for Bird life) and Fences (for animals).
  • Light weight bottles, not printed, brown packaging for bags and boxes. 

New Technology Research

During vintage we use a flotation pump to ensure that juice settling efficiency is maximised. The pump uses nitrogen to saturate the juice, and this forces the pulp to rise to the surface as opposed to time consuming and energy hungry cold settling.

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Heritage Donate to charities 2019!

Our Top Priorities


Sustainability of the land as well as people’s well being are the two top priorities at Heritage Estate.  In 2019 Heritage has donated to The Leukemia Fund, The Queensland Fire Brigade and Drought Assist Organisation. “A sustainable agriculture is one which depletes neither the people nor the land.” Wendell Berry.



Heritage already uses solar energy.  All lights at the cellar door are energy efficient LED bulbs. We will soon setup a charging station to share this energy.


Sustainable farming practices ensure maximum resource benefits.


Whilst the climate warms, Heritage Wines stay cool.


Bird control in a humane fashion.


Heritage look after people as our first priority resource.

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$20,000 Raised

Drought Relief Campaign

Along with Golden Grove Estate and 10 other wineries on the Granite Belt, Heritage Estate has donated $20000 to the charity organisation Drought Assist to help people affected by drough in the Granite Belt.  

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Biochemical Trial

Heritage Estate will host a trial on bio-dynamic treatments for mold.   More Details



Plant a Tree

At Heritage Estate we are committed to replacing trees along our borders and where space permits.    More Details



Save a Life

Whilst wildlife needs to be controlled we elieve that wildlife can be sustained outside the borders of the vineyard.   More Details

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The great advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting, in science or literature, in industry or agriculture, have never come from centralized government.

- Milton Friedman

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