Granite Belt Wine & Tourism (GBWT) end of year breakup party and Christmas dinner celebrates the year that was, 2022 with high spirits and jingle bells. Come Jingle and Mingle!!

Fab food & wine, in the old cellar door. 

Heritage Estate Winery will host the 21st anniversary of Granite Belt Geographical Indicator (GI) and the 2022 GBWT dinner. Join the much larger group of operators on the Granite Belt.  Membership has soured. Talk with your peers. THE THEME IS “HIGH SPIRITS & JINGLE BELLS”

Jingle & Mingle

Bring a bottle to share after the first drinks that will be bought from the venue.  The business meeting will start at 5:30pm and the proceedings for the evening will begin at 6:30.

Meet the Heritage Family

Begin with a glass overlooking the roses and sunset.  On the verandah for the meeting, then finally under the soaring ceilings for the two course, dinner. Your Heritage Estate team will ensure a great evening. Celebrate chef prepared, fine food and powerful, flavourful wines, around Queensland’s FIRST Parliamentary Table (circa 1859).

Private: GBWT Xmas Dinner


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