Marsanne Fully Oaked 2023

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You will never have a wine like this again and nor will we! Spontaneously fermenting at 4 degrees and then never reaching more than 10 degrees, this is a very unusual Marsanne.

Light and Fresh and yet full of the varietal characteristics of Marsanne.

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A fully oaked Marsanne wine undergoes a unique aging process that imparts distinct characteristics to its taste profile. Marsanne, a white grape variety, is typically associated with fresh and vibrant qualities, but when aged in oak barrels, it undergoes a transformation.

The wine takes on a deeper, golden hue, reflecting the extended contact with oak during the aging process.

Fully oaked Marsanne exhibits a rich and complex aromatic bouquet. Oak aging introduces notes of vanilla, toasty oak, and sometimes subtle hints of caramel. These elements mingle with the inherent characteristics of Marsanne, such as ripe stone fruits like peaches and apricots, creating a layered and inviting aroma.  On the palate, a fully oaked Marsanne is characterized by a full-bodied and lush texture. The influence of oak adds a creamy and buttery quality, contributing to a velvety mouthfeel. The ripe stone fruit flavors persist, now accompanied by nuances of baked apples and a touch of honey. The oak imparts a subtle sweetness and rounds out the wine, providing a well-integrated and harmonious taste experience.

The finish of a fully oaked Marsanne is often lingering and satisfying. The combination of oak-influenced richness and the varietal’s inherent fruitiness creates a balanced and enduring conclusion to the tasting experience.

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