Top Notch 2022-12

Vermentino 2021

Textured, savoury, gentle, chalky crunch. A unique Bouquet of subtle nuttiness with faint fruit edges, balanced with mineral earth tones.

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Riesling 2022

right, lively, and with a solid line of balanced acidity, this wine represents a truly classic interpretation of Riesling.

Both the nose and the palate resound with clean citrus and gooseberry.

Pair Riesling with light foods such as crustaceans, fish, oysters, and poultry.

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Savagnin 2022

The wonderful scent of a spring breeze before the rain with hints of tropical fruits and flowers delight the nose. Clean, fresh and lightly acidic passionfruit, gooseberry and kiwifruit refresh the palate. This single vineyard, estate grown savagnin is an entrancing wine for warm afternoons and evenings.

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Pinky Promise - Rose of Cabernet

Beautifully delicate and dry with hints of strawberry and honeydew on the nose followed by crisp blackberries and red currant on the palate, this is the perfect wine for a summer’s afternoon.

Cabernet Rosé pairs naturally with seafood, salads, chicken, and other light dishes.

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Nero d'Avola 2021

Nero D’Avola is native to Sicily, where it is the region’s most planted variety. The nose of this light-bodied Nero is floral, spicy, slightly earthy with a touch of vanilla. The palate resounds with the dark fruits of bright cherry and plum.

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Syrah 2021

The nose is bright and clean with hints of spice and raspberry, while the palates bursts with bright berries and white pepper. The acid and tannins are beautifully balanced and offset by the subtle fruit.

Syrah pairs with meat dishes, cheese, olives and all good hearty food.

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Shades of White Liqueur Chardonnay Verdelho - 375 ml

Orange marmalade and peach aromas, with a complex palate of brioche, butterscotch, stone fruit, honey and a slightly nutty character.

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Dk Choc, Cherry/Coconut Rocky Road 220g

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Shades of White Liqueur Chardonnay Verdelho - 375 ml

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